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  1. Jesus and the Fig Tree.               Recording Date:  2/25/2010.
  2. The Great Commandments.      Recording Date:  2/25/2010.
    # You will enjoy the frivolity and the learning! #
  3. Libertarianism Defined.             Recording Date:  6/25/2011. 
    # Dennis and Tommy discuss the book "Libertarianism Defined" by Tibor Machan.  Conversation which borders on hysteria!  Not really.  But it is lively and engaging.  Let's have lunch! #
  4. Remarrying in Torah.                  Recording Date:  10/28/2012. 
    # CAN A MAN DIVORCE HIS WIFE FOR ANY REASON?  A Talmudic-Style Argument. What is the meaning of Deuteronomy 24:1-4?  How does it proceed?  What are the limits?  What are the consequences?  Why did Jesus say that one should never get divorced for any reason other than adultery?  Find the REAL answers here.  LISTENER WARNING: We really go at it this week, but only to discover the truth! #
  5. Pre-Election 2012!                       Recording Date: 11/4/2012.        
    # Another thrill-packed episode, wherein Dennis and Tommy talk about the US election, being prepared, and what it all means.  Listen now before it’s too late! #
  6. Capitalism in the Bible.              Recording Date: 11/26/2012.
  7. How Stupid Are We?                  Recording Date: 11/19/2014.
  8. Happy New Year!                         Recording Date: 1/5/2015.
  9. This is the End.                               Recording Date: 9/15/2015.
  10. When is Christianity Wrong?   Recording Date: 11/2/2015.
  11. Paris, France... Paris Rants.     Recording Date: 11/16/2015.

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