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recorded Nov08 2015

  How Stupid Are We?  

Jonathan Gruber says the American people are stupid. Why? Are we?

Gruber deceived the American people. He did so under the radar by crafting Obamacare, a subversive health-services scheme that feeds the insurance companies while simultaneously crushing medical freedoms that Americans typically expect. The deceit is that he formulated a marketing campaign which told the American people just the opposite. The mantra "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" was a well-calculated counter to the protest that Obamacare would force patients to seek out new physicians to fit its impersonal bureaucratic standards. The mantra "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan" was another sly rebuttal, this to the rightful accusation that Obamacare would force insurance providers to drop existing customers, and could be a first solid step to "single-payer," the eventual end of private insurance.

The result of Gruber and company's slick marketing was a general approval by the American people for Obamacare amidst great rumblings from the grass-roots of several ideologies, such as the conservative Tea Party, Kennedy liberals, and libertarians, who opposed on economic and moral grounds.  These dissenting voices were drowned by a smooth governmental sales pitch, led by hucksters Nancy Pelosi and Baraq Obama.  Those who continued to oppose Obamacare were mocked, and some audited by the IRS.

Meanwhile, Republicans ran on the promise to repeal Obamacare, but no matter how many won their elections, whether or not on such a platform, no repeal was forthcoming. Excuses ranged from "don't have the votes" to "Obama will just veto."  Such empty grandstanding caused the American people to believe it was all just hot air to get elected, and maybe Obamacare wasn't so bad after all (never mind that Congress took a waiver from the obligation to purchase health insurance through the Obamacare "exchange").

The openness of Gruber's comment should give pause.  He did not sugar-coat his view.  Whether he believes in Obamacare or not, he had supreme confidence that the American people could be soft-soaped by cries for compassion and bamboozled by mantras of assurance.  In other words, he had no doubt we were stupid.

We can chalk it up to gullibility, or that we are a trusting nation, or a kind nation with compassion for the sickly, but these are just reasons or excuses why Gruber was correct, that with a minimum of effort the American people can generally be led into dangerous situations.  Why should we allow ourselves to be led into danger? What was so wrong with our healthcare system that we required an MIT leftist to take charge of it? Why did we not demand a full transparency of the plan rather than acquiescing to Nancy Pelosi's "we have to pass it to find out what's in it"?  

We are suckers. There is no doubt about it. We were sold a bill of goods and we bought it. We did not revolt, not in the streets or in the ballot box. For the most part, the schemers and liars were all reelected to commit more havoc. 

We are suckers on many things. We believe the economic lies, whether up or down. We believe the foreign policy lies, whether to intervene or to stay out. We believe the personal lies, especially when it destroys. It's not as if Gruber in thinking us suckers was attempting a high-wire act. He was simply going by history.

Are we stupid as well as suckers? It's not necessarily wrong to be a sucker, if you think you're helping a fellow. However, when the same fellow (government, for example) makes yet another overture and promise after failing to keep the last promise, and you buy it as if you are ignorant of history, then yes, you're stupid. To be bamboozled by pie-in-the-sky makes you dumb and gullible. To be bamboozled repeatedly makes you stupid.  This is Gruber's contention, that we are able to be bamboozled over and over again, and that no serious repercussions will come on the bamboozlers.

Why do we allow it? First, there are always new suckers born every day, so that many Yes votes for Obamacare, as an example, are submitted by the ignorant. There's not much we can do about this. Education won't neutralize the desire to learn one's own lessons. Second, some old suckers just have short memories. They simply don't recall the details about previous disasters, and therefore are prone to repeat them. Third, some old suckers won't admit it. Pride causes them to believe they made correct decisions but some third party interfered, and therefore the disaster is someone else's fault. Fourth, many who are not suckers give up trying. They refuse to speak to the naive, the absent-minded, and the arrogant anymore. They have no hope for any intelligence among the general masses. Fifth, we are bullied. Through many conveyances, public opinion can be swayed so that even innocent counter-arguments are seen as dangers to humanity. At this point, we may be mocked or even physically attacked. The government is not idle here either, and unfortunately now has a watch list against watchdogs!

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