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recorded Nov18 2015

  Paris, France... Paris Rants  

The Paris terror attacks prove one thing: there is no reasoning with animals.  There is no logic with crazies.  There is no “let them wear themselves out” and we will win the battle of patience.  There is no “ignore them and they will go away” and we will live in peace.  There is no coexistence with bullies.  There is no coexistence with people who are not like us.

Everyone believes ISIS hates the West due to interference in the Middle East, but that’s not true.  It’s their DUTY to hate the West when the West disgraces itself.  According to the Bible, which I hope you own, many of the excesses we tolerate, even encourage, are against God’s Will.  Now, I am not saying that ISIS is authorized to administer punishment.  Far from it. ISIS is murdering scum and must be destroyed.  

But... how is it we believe we are moral when we break every commandment of Torah, willfully, from the pork and shrimp, the tattoos, the paganism, the idolatry, the atheism, the adultery, the divorce without adultery, the abortion murders, the male homosexuality, the false witness, and on it goes.  Not to mention that we permit our government to break Constitution right in front of our eyes and we do NOTHING about it, and don't even vote out the bad ones

SO... if you permit your government to run roughshod over you, with the spying, and the corruption, and the graft, and the lying, and the treason... and all the while you’re living and partying like God doesn’t exist… how do you expect your moral disintegration to protect you?  Or do you believe that fate gives you a free pass?  Or do you just say PFFFT to everything?

Make no mistake… as long as you permit Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, and the rest of these cowards and traitors to run your countries… as long as you dance while your treasury is looted… as long as you believe your enemy will “come around on of these days”… you are one step from being ground into dust.

“WHAT CAN WE DO?”  I hope that’s what you’re asking.  First, you need a Law to counteract everyone else’s Law.  That Law is Torah.  Why?  Listen to our program.  Second, you need a spine.  Why?  Because it’s you or them.  They will NEVER STOP until you are dead.  Third, you need some brains.  Go read Locke, Bastiat, Michael Savage, and The Bible, and you will see the ABSOLUTE IMPERATIVE that you have hegemony.  Otherwise, THEY will have hegemony.  Do you WANT to be a slave or dead?  No?  Good.

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