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recorded Nov08 2015

  When is Christianity Wrong?

1. When it submits to all authority.  Really?  You will bow to Sharia kindly and obediently?  How does that make you a Christian, never mind a soldier for the true God?  Same goes for communism. You will submit to the Manifesto?  You will give up your private property, your religion, and your family?  How does that make you a real Christian?  You will submit to every corruption of Constitution and allow your jailors to execute you slowly?  You will let every deviance permeate your home, follow every ordinance of “tolerance” and perversion?  This makes you a Christian?

2. When it practices tolerance of sin.  Matthew 5:19. Jesus said whoever breaks the least commandment and teaches others to do so shall be called “least” and whoever does and teaches the least commandment shall be called “greatest.”  So if you are permitting sin, are you not "least"? No?  Is not one of the commandments to in no way permit your neighbor to sin but to tell him to stop (Leviticus 19:17)?  Oh, that only applies in Israel?  Or maybe you’ll say that Jesus didn’t believe such things.  No?  Then what is Jesus commanding his disciples in Matthew 12?  To sell Girl Scout cookies?  To sell a new religion?  No, Jesus is commanding the disciples to spread Torah.  He told them to go to the Israelites, not the Gentiles or Samaritans.  Why?  Because the Jews were, according to his own words, lost sheep (alienated, stray) who required back-to-basics, and how can the Gentiles and Samaritans be expected to follow Torah if the Israelites are not?  What’s that you say?  Jesus was preaching the gospel, not the Law?  The gospel of what?  And to whom?  Do you not understand that if Jesus was spreading anything EXCEPT Law he would not only be guilty against the Law but also a liar against Matthew 5:19?  He TAUGHT the Law, according to His own edict, and commanded Christians do the same.

So now you know why the world is going to pieces.  Two billion Christians permitting every OTHER law to overcome the Law of God.  If Christians would accept, teach, and protect Torah, the world would be a much better place.  Or do you think Islam is more merciful and peaceful?  Or do you think communism is more for the family or for God?  Or do you think the hedonists can coexist with the godly?  Read your Bible for the answers, if you don’t already know.

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